Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Favourite picture

Licia took this pic of us and it has got to me my favorite (",)

Maman, dis-moi,pourquoi la vie est belle....Ma fille, parce que tu es là
(Mama, tell me y life is beautiful...My daughter, bcoz u r here)
Licia included a caption with the photo (",)

Monday, December 19, 2011

A little family picture

One of the few family pics that we have. I need to train my mum and Khine to take pictures on my behalf.

Tea time

MX tickles me with the strange sounds she makes while 'making tea'. I have no idea what those sounds are. f

MX singing at 1 am!

MX was so excited about Kai's birthday party the next day that she couldn't go to sleep. She was up and about and singing her heart out at one in the morning!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Face painting for MX

MX is always eyeing my makeup stash and when I told her I'd put it on for her, she went silent... as if wondering if I was pulling her leg. She nodded in agreement and I went on to 'decorate' her lil' face.

Last Sunday, it was a kitty with floral tiara (",)
MX was seriously beaming with delight.

This week, I did another cat look for her... she wanted to head out to the grocery store looking like this :)

MX doing cat stretches (",)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun Day @ SingKids

Fun Day for Kai and MX

"Hello, who's free for a play date?"

Kai & MX love playing 'bedtime' with each other. Too bad Shan isn't here or she will be Mummy Shan (",)

MX & Kai taking turns being a panda (",)

Bubble Bath Time!!!

Check out MX's pose!! Sticking her leg up like an old man!

Finally! A feminine picture of her (",)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kai & MX at the playground

Busy Busy Busy day for MX and Kai (",)
MX looking up to see where Kai had gone.

Kai's working hard... :)

Such a lovely evening... the weather was perfect to be outdoors (",)

New Ears

MX grew some pointy ears!

I love MX's cheeks (",) She has the same cheeks as her Papa (",)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kai is hurt :(

Poor Kai... when he saw the earlier video of MX wanting to 'beat' him, he cried buckets.
*Note: listen out to Shann asking Kai to cry more... muah haha!!

Mx wants to 'beat' Kai :(

Lil'Ms MX probably thought of Kai's mum or granny threatening to punish him when he was naughty. After her breakfast, she jumped off her high-chair, grabbed the table mat, rolled it up and started this:

Gosh... my daughter is F.I.E.R.C.E.!!!

MX waddling in the pool

MX is about 2 years and 2 months old when I took this video of her waddling on her own :)
She looks like a naughty sprite doesn't she?

Mummy Shann - Job well done!

Shann tucked MX in... she seems to know how to swaddle a baby! This girl never fails to amaze me.

MX playing the part of The Baby very well as Mummy Shann sits and wait for baby to finish her milk.

Mummy Shann gives Baby MX a great, big hug and Kai decided to join in the fun as well (",)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MX loves Mac's

What did we do on National Day '11?
We had McDonalds' breakfast!
Whenever we ask MX what she wants to eat, she'll grin and say, 'McDoNOLs'. Most of the time, we'll just ignore her and get her 'proper food'.

Today, as we roused her from her sleep, she told us off. She said, 'Let me sleep!' It was almost 12 noon and MX is still lazing in bed :) When she finally got up, she was grinning from ear to ear coz she saw the Happy Meal box that I was holding. She went about her morning washing and brushing without any fuss.

MX's wish finally came true... a McDoNOLs' Happy Meal :)

She's lucky too! The Happy Meal came with a Hello Kitty watch (",)
MX has had only 2 Happy Meals. The first one she had came with Kungfu Panda :)

Let me talk more about how much MX loves McDonalds. A few months back, we were at the lobby and a McDelivery guy started his bike and rode off. Immediately, MX giggled and she was convinced that the delivery guy had visited our place and that we were gonna have Mac's for dinner. She hurried along while screaming, 'McDoNOLs!!!'

Yet another time, she met the delivery guy at the lobby. This time, she went up to him and asked, 'Where's my french fries?'

Friday, July 29, 2011

MX and snail box

This series of pictures were taken when MX was about 18 months old.

There was nothing much to do on a rainy day, so we opened up some new toys (",)

MX was on the way to the bathroom for her bath when she stopped by the window to check out the rain.

I really like this picture of her with her hands on the window and heavy diapers hanging on her hips (",)

She decided that she wanted more time with the toy box and plonked herself down on the ledge (",)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunday morning, dress up day (",)

Sunday = dress-up and picture day!
MX insisted on her tutu skirt again...
Since I am missing out on so much of her cutesy moments, I NEED to take some pics of her.

MX doesn't look too patient...

Can I consider this her first sulk?

MX can't wait to get her hands on the mini cakes.
A hungry baby is grumpy baby...

Friday, June 24, 2011

MX the 'ballerina' needs to poop...

MX is at a stage where she'll insist on wearing 'princess' outfits. She'll throw a fit if she doesn't get the sort of princess outfits that she adores. At bedtime, she'll insist on wearing this tutu skirt... When MX's happy, everyone's happy (",)

MX attempting to do a lil' twirl ...

oops... check out out the 'constipated' look on the ballerina.

Yups... the ballerina needed a time-out for a poop ...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MX loves keeping food in her mouth

MX loves chocolates and candies.

However, when she hears, "last bite" or "last piece", she will keep it in her mouth and refuse to swallow it.

Silly goose .... she will refuse to chew or swallow the last bit till her saliva starts to dribble from the corners of her mouth.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

series of swim suit pics

We started bringing MX to the pool when she was quite young. Since we have a pool in our estate, it's a good idea to let her bob around in the pool.

3.5 months
Can you say, 'OMG?!!'
She's chubby all over! Check out the chin and thighs!

7 months
Bare bodied with just her swim diaper.
She looks so boyish here (",)

11 months
GOSH! Check out her tummy!

12 months
Snacking by the pool...

13 months
She's quite tubby & sweaty. We had to powder her body in order to pull the swimsuit up!

22 months
Sweet lookin' little girl (",)

Monday, March 28, 2011

MX turns two!

Off to Polliwogs on her birthday!

Carryin' grandma's purse and lookin' all girlie.
She's got so much going on! Polka dots, florals and stripes!

MX's favourite... lazing in the pool of colourful balls.

Finally got a chance at the 'schwing'.

What's a birthday without the indulgence?

MX refused to try the rainbow sprinklers which she calls 'rice'. It's a pity that she only wanted the chocolate ice-cream .

MX's strawberry shortcake. Very light and tasty!
I made that crown with the no. 2 (",)

Kimmie NEVER misses out on the action... ...

After polishing off a full slice of strawberry shortcake (",)

This was how MX looked a year ago (",)

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