Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where's MX's toys

I knew that Kimmie would try to snoop off with MX's toys. So, before MX was born, I got rid of all of Kim's chew toys - hoping that she'll get used to not playing with toys.
Guess it didn't work.

This was Kim's toy - Mr Drayfeus the Reindeer and if u look close enough, you'll see Kim's westie toy on the right.

First it was MX's rubber duckie. Kim chewed on it till she pulled out the squeaky bit.

Kim is circling MX's playpen and eyeing the plastic balls.

MX's rattle ... when it went missing, i knew immediately that it's under the couch with Kim.

Then someone scurried off with MX's ellie-shoes.

The crazy monkey couldn't escape Kim either.

Kim's latest acquisition - SpongeBob.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bi-kit time!

MX concentrating really hard while waitin' for a 'Bi-kit' (biscuit)

MX seems to love biscuits as much as Kimmie does!

Good girl! She knows that she's gotta be seated while eating (",)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A day at the zoo ...

This is how MX smiles on command.
Definitely not a pretty sight. She looks like she has cramps on her face!

It was raining heavily, so we checked out the stuff animals at the shop while waiting for the rain to stop. MX was particularly intrigued by Ah Meng (",)

MX looking curiously at the Probosis monkey - dunno what to make of it. This was the second animal that she saw upon entry to the zoo. The first animal she saw was the parrots (",)

Having a little chat with Ah Meng's bronze statue at the Garden with a View.

The funniest part of this zoo trip:

MX has a thing for giraffes and finally got to see real giraffes. Despite being able to repeat words that we say, she always insist on calling giraffes, 'Wor-wus'. She was minding her own business and happily munching on her biscuit when we approached the giraffes enclosure.

Her jaw dropped and she stopped munching when she saw those giants grazing in the distance. She froze for awhile before she spoke.
When she finally spoke, her voice cracked and she sounded like how I would sound if I saw a dinosaur - 'Wwwoor - wus!'

MX's highlight of the trip: Carousel ride.
She loves kiddy rides, so it was a must for her to get up there.
Check out both her tubby baby fingers pointing at the carousel in front of her.

Fast asleep as we made a little purchase on MX's behalf before heading home.

A little surprise for Lil' Ms MX - 'Wor-wus'.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MX heaves as she finishes her drink ...

MX and her current favourite drink.

With two long gulps, she's almost done.

Testing to see if removing the straw helps in getting her the last drop.

MX puts in a lot of effort in making sure that she gets every single drop of Yakult out from the bottle.

Friday, November 5, 2010

MX in the remake of Hansel and Gretel

MX peering into the washing machine.
It reminds me of how the wicked witch from Hansel & Gretel peered into the oven and was pushed into it by Gretel.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Flatten me like a waffle!

MX's new fun-time 'game'.
She'll wriggle her way between the foldable mattress ...

lay on it ...

& wait for us to press the top portion down ...

MX just loves it (",)
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