Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nutcracker and the mouse king drama workshop....

Someone is helping me look after MX. 
She is Ee Xin.
Completely took over my role as mummy when she helped MX put on her shoes and took her to the washroom to wash her hands during snack time.

Ze Ze who told mehe is Spiderman came along and said, 'I am just going to try a little bit' and MX started stuffing his face with cake.

After checking out eveveryone's snack, Spiderman settled down to drink his juice and eat his cookie. Funny kid.

Dreamy little gentleman here is Cayden.  He has a tubby tummy and such an adorsble dreamy face.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MX's drawing

I don't know when MX started drawing figures like these but I am glad I was around to capture this developmental stage of hers. 

Her current human figures:

- consisting of a head, 1/3 upper body and 2/3 lower body
- no arms
- some blank faces
- zig-zag ends for the skirts

The last three figures reminds me of Santa from Nightmare before Christmas, a Tim Burton character. 
They actually look like fingers to me. 

Oh yes, MX said that this is a family picture.

Making cards

Popo bought some stockcards for MX. "Let her do whatever she wants to with them." that was her instructions.

So, MX decided to make some cards.

Here's a card for Popo and she's supposed to be attending a wedding.

This is a card for Gong Gong and he's wearing moon shoes. 

Another card for Gong Gong, "He's a funny man." said MX.

Here's a card for MX herself, "I'm climbing up steps."

Shann has one with special pom poms on her dress. 

Not forgetting her prince charming, Kai. 

having fun in boxes

While packing to move out, MX did her thing once again.  Her love for sitting in boxes goes a long way back.

Making a name...

MX "made a name for herself", using mini pom poms and floral foam cut-outs. 

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