Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kimmie's my friend

*pant pant* "... MX, you smell like jelly..."

*pat pat* "Kimmie you're my friend ..."

*press press* "Lemme give you a doggie-massage."

MX kept pressing Kim like a piece of dough.


MX has taken to lookin' a wee bit too close to the camera...
"errp... back off a lil', please"

These close-up shots capture her at her most mischievous!

"Is this all the biscuit i'm gettin' for working my baby bum off for the camera???!!!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's stop making fun of MX!

Finally! MX deserves some lovely pictures on her photoblog!

Here's MX at her fav. spot with Grandpa

Swingin' her lil' legs and enjoying a snack.

Lookin' rather grown-up ... errp... the tee's a tad bit tight around her belly! Muah haha!!

Lookin' good... but wait till u see the last pic!

Tired out after a day out! ... can u see the drool on her cheek???

Who Me?

Hey MX! Hey! What's with the hair?

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