Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Japan II - fun in the snow

Shann giving MX a kiss first thing in the morn.  
We got in to the chalet really late in the night... Shann and Kai were already fast asleep. 

The kids enjoying a secret joke among themselves. 

They headed out to play in the snow after breakfast.  Decked out in their ski attires coz they had scheduled lessons in the afternoon.

Kai and MX in the play pen at the ski school.  Lots of little skier-wannabes in the pen... thoroughly entertained by the very kid friendly instructors. 

MX and Kai on the sled after their lesson.

Japan - flight

We made bookings for our flight to Japan just 2 weeks before departure after The Hubs confirmed that he didn't have to go to the states.  So he cancelled our tickets and in turn booked tickets for Japan.  He wanted to splurge on our travelling this time round, so I left him to make the decision.  

Here's some pics just for MX to look through when she is older. 

MX, as usual... refusing to look into the camera.  Transfixed on the screen that is showing nothing.

The decadent Tod getting ready for a nap, but not before enjoying a praline that the attendant handed out.

Butt shot of The Tod :) 

MX loves checking herself out at the vanity mirror. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jia Jia and Kai Kai

MX's visit to the zoo to check out Kai Kai and Jia Jia

MX: Kai Kai has no name now... The Panda took his name.
(MX was referring to her cousin Kai)

Red panda (",)

Asian otters, curled up together. 

Here's Kai Kai... Jia Jia was blocked by throngs of visitors. 

Here's what the pandas eat each day (",) 

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