Monday, March 5, 2012

A day at the stable ... ... (Part 1)

Great day to spend some outdoor time at the Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris beach.
MX was all ready for her pony ride (",)

Off on her own, with the guide ...

Heading back ...

Giving Anna the pony a lil' treat (",)

Jasmin gets a treat too... (",) MX made up a tale about Jasmin... "Jasmin is the princess from Disneyland and she just came to Singapore." I guess she was thinking of Jasmin from Aladin?
C.V. the horse got a treat too (",) Huge and gentle stallion.

A day at the stable... (Part 2)

Grandpa and Grandma taking a rest while watching MX shake her bum.

Playing hide-and-seek with Grandma

Hauled away... ... on granny's shoulders

Hoping to clamber onto Grandpa so that she doesn't have to walk.

Good looking pooch under a bench (",)

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