Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nutcracker & the Mouse King performance

Pardon me folks, and allow me to indulge once again in home videos that nobody cares about.  Well, here's a place for me to archive MX's day-to-day happenings, so bear with me (",)

The start of the show... 
MX did something bad, she was teasing and laughing loudly at her friend, Ee Xin who was having stage fright. 

One of MX's role was a wind up toy.  She had to do a dance but she just stood there watching and laughing at Reyan.  Only after much nudging from her friend and instructor, did she realise, "Oh, I'm supposed to do it and not stand there laughing at Reyan." 

Clara and The Nutcracker was having fun in Candy Land.  MX recites her lines for Candy Land and did her part in waving the Rainbow Slide and Honey River.  She did her Sugar Plum Fairy dance which she was excited about.  

Here in the finale, MX did the fan dance and later hid behind Ms Kedie's bum when she ran to hide from the Mouse King.  

Some snapshots of the day (",) 

MX doing her happy dance mid way through the performance. 

 The kids rejoicing upon receiving their certificate of participation. 

MX and the lovely Ms Fathiah.  Pardon the close up shot and the unflattering lighting, we know Ms Fathiah looks smashing in real. 

 And of coz, the extremely patient Ms Kedie who had to handle a group of about 7 toddlers with their toddler mood-swings and odd rituals - no mean feat indeed! She makes it out alive and smiling each day (",)

I must say that MX has grown quite a bit, looking at her second performance with Act 3.  She was 3 months younger when she performed in the Jungle Book in September.  She is now more confident on stage and is definitely less shy.  I kept hearing MX's guffaws on stage.  Her, "You know I'm almost 4 years old this year," announcement mid-performance, really made me laugh.  That's MX with her Lil' Ms MX ways (",)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nutcracker and the mouse king drama workshop....

Someone is helping me look after MX. 
She is Ee Xin.
Completely took over my role as mummy when she helped MX put on her shoes and took her to the washroom to wash her hands during snack time.

Ze Ze who told mehe is Spiderman came along and said, 'I am just going to try a little bit' and MX started stuffing his face with cake.

After checking out eveveryone's snack, Spiderman settled down to drink his juice and eat his cookie. Funny kid.

Dreamy little gentleman here is Cayden.  He has a tubby tummy and such an adorsble dreamy face.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MX's drawing

I don't know when MX started drawing figures like these but I am glad I was around to capture this developmental stage of hers. 

Her current human figures:

- consisting of a head, 1/3 upper body and 2/3 lower body
- no arms
- some blank faces
- zig-zag ends for the skirts

The last three figures reminds me of Santa from Nightmare before Christmas, a Tim Burton character. 
They actually look like fingers to me. 

Oh yes, MX said that this is a family picture.

Making cards

Popo bought some stockcards for MX. "Let her do whatever she wants to with them." that was her instructions.

So, MX decided to make some cards.

Here's a card for Popo and she's supposed to be attending a wedding.

This is a card for Gong Gong and he's wearing moon shoes. 

Another card for Gong Gong, "He's a funny man." said MX.

Here's a card for MX herself, "I'm climbing up steps."

Shann has one with special pom poms on her dress. 

Not forgetting her prince charming, Kai. 

having fun in boxes

While packing to move out, MX did her thing once again.  Her love for sitting in boxes goes a long way back.

Making a name...

MX "made a name for herself", using mini pom poms and floral foam cut-outs. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We sowed some seeds today...

MX read about Jack & the Beanstalk with Ms Emma.  So I thought it would be a good time to do some planting with her, although I do not have any magic beans. 

We planted some peanuts as well as some vegetable seeds. 

 Here's the 3 little pots of peanuts.  They should start spouting in a couple of days.

I told MX that the seeds will not sprout unless there is peace and quiet in the house.  Let's hope this will trick her into keeping her wailing and fussing at bay.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

MX reciting some of the Jungle Book poems.

Pardon the videos overload :) 
This is the space for me to get self-absorbed in excessive parental indulgence *hiak hiak*

MX reciting Hiss Hiss, the poem for Kaa the snake.

Down in the Jungle

Monkey see, monkey do... 

Away we scoot... MX on her Micro Skate scooter

MX received this 3 wheeler Micro skate scooter form Papa on his birthday. 
Yup, Papa got her a gift on his birthday (",) 
Coz we figured that the barbie skate scooter isn't suitable for her right now. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Videos of the Jungle Book - Act Three International Sept. Holiday Drama Workshop

Pardon this long string of videos.  They are here just because MX is in them. 

This is the pre-performance video where Ms Kedie was trying to get the kids to take their positions.  
Of course, the toddlers were wandering around and not doing exactly what they were told.

Here's one of the dance segments.  MX's actions are always lagging, several beats slower than others.  She's always looking on at the older kids and following their lead.  Her headgear kept sliding off her head and Ms Kedie took it off and dropped it onto the floor, but MX felt a strong desire to pick it up.

The kids sang to "The Tiger Sleeps Tonight", the rightful lion was left out coz its not part of the Jungle Book characters.  This video is really long... MX appears till 1.47min.

Here's MX's solo as Kaa the snake.  The toddlers were all paired up with an older kid who will lead them through the segment.  MX was visibly nervous hehee... she was supposed to promise Mowgli that she wouldn't eat it, but she just stared at Mowgli.  She did well slithering away though :) 

I'm not sure which part of the presentation this was but MX looked like she was having lots of fun :) although visibly disturbed by her falling snakehead.

MX receiving her certificate of attendance

MX alongside Ms Kedie McIntyre, her instructor throughout the 5 days of workshop.

Jungle Book - Performance time

After 5 days of fun, here's some snapshots of the performance.

She took on the role of Kaa the snake: 

"Hiss hiss... 

Make way or
The Kaa is here, 
and you should disappear!" 

 MX was paired with an older girl.  Both girls took on the role of Kaa.  

The above were her lines, but due to some confusion during the performance, both girls did not manage to read their lines.  Bummer...

MX's headgear kept slipping off her tiny head.  Ms Kedie took it off and dropped it on the floor, but MX decided that she had to pick it up.

ONE TWO SIX... what has MX been up to...

MX attended a one week drama workshop at Act Three International.  The workshop was based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. 

The drama center is housed in an old style bungalow with yellow framed windows.  

Here's the courtyard where I spend most of my afternoons waiting for MX.

 During her snack time, she'll be out her snacking away with her friends, each one checking out each other's snack box (",)

MX offering Nicole a brazil nut but little Nic doesn't want it.  In return, she offered MX her bitten green apple (",)

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I decided to make a lifesize dress-up girl for MX using her own photo. 

I drew the outline of the outfits and shoes.  MX painted them in and added dots for some designs (",)

MX combined a bracelet and hair pom-pom and turned it to a lollipop ;)  She also added a butterfly hair clip to the bracelet and made it into a wand. 

Happily laying next to herself (",)

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