Friday, September 7, 2012

Videos of the Jungle Book - Act Three International Sept. Holiday Drama Workshop

Pardon this long string of videos.  They are here just because MX is in them. 

This is the pre-performance video where Ms Kedie was trying to get the kids to take their positions.  
Of course, the toddlers were wandering around and not doing exactly what they were told.

Here's one of the dance segments.  MX's actions are always lagging, several beats slower than others.  She's always looking on at the older kids and following their lead.  Her headgear kept sliding off her head and Ms Kedie took it off and dropped it onto the floor, but MX felt a strong desire to pick it up.

The kids sang to "The Tiger Sleeps Tonight", the rightful lion was left out coz its not part of the Jungle Book characters.  This video is really long... MX appears till 1.47min.

Here's MX's solo as Kaa the snake.  The toddlers were all paired up with an older kid who will lead them through the segment.  MX was visibly nervous hehee... she was supposed to promise Mowgli that she wouldn't eat it, but she just stared at Mowgli.  She did well slithering away though :) 

I'm not sure which part of the presentation this was but MX looked like she was having lots of fun :) although visibly disturbed by her falling snakehead.

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