Monday, January 24, 2011

Off into the sunset!

Two tumbling tods, holding hands and walking off into the sunset after their meal.
Kai telling MX about a plane in the sky.

MX giving Kai an abrupt pat,
and a sudden hug ...

This was how they interact in June 2009 - two tumbling babies.

MX and Kai @ Polliwogs

What a day! MX & Kai had so much fun at Polliwogs (",)

MX swinging her tubby-self ... *sch-wing sch-wing*

Kai 'swimming' in the pool of balls.

They couldn't stop hugging each other. Stopping at random points to hug and then dashing off in opposite directions to play.

Tumbling around at the outdoor inflated castle.

Dinner at Burger King - feeding MX was such a breeze. She kept saying, 'Burger King prease!' and when she wanted an onion ring, she said, 'O prease!'

Kai and MX both received a box of 3-5 sticks of fries.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MX and the giant footprints

MX loves the outdoors and she was utterly amused by these giant footprints in East Coast Park.

She kept running around and circling the footprints.

Quite a nice family picture of us (",)

MX & her Papa making funny faces.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MX's 2nd Christmas

MX amusing herself with the bags of Christmas presents.

Grandpa and Grandma all smiles :)

MX's first attempt at unwrapping gifts.

Making herself comfortable as she waited for her Aunt to fix her toy.

MX wore a dress with snowman motifs for Christmas in 2010.

Boring Sunday afternoon activity (",)

Since MX loves Hello Kitty, I gave her some whiskers and a little stubby nose so she can pretend to be a cat.

She kept adding on stickers to her sticker-filled T-shirt.

MX trying to grin and wriggle her nose.

Time to wash off all the fun!
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