Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nutcracker & the Mouse King performance

Pardon me folks, and allow me to indulge once again in home videos that nobody cares about.  Well, here's a place for me to archive MX's day-to-day happenings, so bear with me (",)

The start of the show... 
MX did something bad, she was teasing and laughing loudly at her friend, Ee Xin who was having stage fright. 

One of MX's role was a wind up toy.  She had to do a dance but she just stood there watching and laughing at Reyan.  Only after much nudging from her friend and instructor, did she realise, "Oh, I'm supposed to do it and not stand there laughing at Reyan." 

Clara and The Nutcracker was having fun in Candy Land.  MX recites her lines for Candy Land and did her part in waving the Rainbow Slide and Honey River.  She did her Sugar Plum Fairy dance which she was excited about.  

Here in the finale, MX did the fan dance and later hid behind Ms Kedie's bum when she ran to hide from the Mouse King.  

Some snapshots of the day (",) 

MX doing her happy dance mid way through the performance. 

 The kids rejoicing upon receiving their certificate of participation. 

MX and the lovely Ms Fathiah.  Pardon the close up shot and the unflattering lighting, we know Ms Fathiah looks smashing in real. 

 And of coz, the extremely patient Ms Kedie who had to handle a group of about 7 toddlers with their toddler mood-swings and odd rituals - no mean feat indeed! She makes it out alive and smiling each day (",)

I must say that MX has grown quite a bit, looking at her second performance with Act 3.  She was 3 months younger when she performed in the Jungle Book in September.  She is now more confident on stage and is definitely less shy.  I kept hearing MX's guffaws on stage.  Her, "You know I'm almost 4 years old this year," announcement mid-performance, really made me laugh.  That's MX with her Lil' Ms MX ways (",)

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  1. haha.. at least MX is more modest! K boosted that he would be buying his lamborghini when he turns 4!


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