Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kimmie's my friend

*pant pant* "... MX, you smell like jelly..."

*pat pat* "Kimmie you're my friend ..."

*press press* "Lemme give you a doggie-massage."

MX kept pressing Kim like a piece of dough.


  1. Little MX is looking more girly and less baby-ish now!

  2. Yap, MX is more girlish now. You should update her profile picture on the left :)

  3. hihi FL :) ya lo... she's changing so fast :O)

    Hi Sheryl, i wanna keep that pic, coz it's one of the first few pics i took of her smiling... i'm searching through my photo stash to track which is the first smiley pic i took of her :)


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