Saturday, November 20, 2010

A day at the zoo ...

This is how MX smiles on command.
Definitely not a pretty sight. She looks like she has cramps on her face!

It was raining heavily, so we checked out the stuff animals at the shop while waiting for the rain to stop. MX was particularly intrigued by Ah Meng (",)

MX looking curiously at the Probosis monkey - dunno what to make of it. This was the second animal that she saw upon entry to the zoo. The first animal she saw was the parrots (",)

Having a little chat with Ah Meng's bronze statue at the Garden with a View.

The funniest part of this zoo trip:

MX has a thing for giraffes and finally got to see real giraffes. Despite being able to repeat words that we say, she always insist on calling giraffes, 'Wor-wus'. She was minding her own business and happily munching on her biscuit when we approached the giraffes enclosure.

Her jaw dropped and she stopped munching when she saw those giants grazing in the distance. She froze for awhile before she spoke.
When she finally spoke, her voice cracked and she sounded like how I would sound if I saw a dinosaur - 'Wwwoor - wus!'

MX's highlight of the trip: Carousel ride.
She loves kiddy rides, so it was a must for her to get up there.
Check out both her tubby baby fingers pointing at the carousel in front of her.

Fast asleep as we made a little purchase on MX's behalf before heading home.

A little surprise for Lil' Ms MX - 'Wor-wus'.


  1. Is this her first visit to the zoo? So giraffes are her favourite animals? :)

  2. Hi Sheryl.. yup, The Hubs and I finally brought her to the zoo.
    I know of many parents bringing their kids to the zoo after 6 months old. I can't imagine doing that...! Saw lots of very young babies at the zoo too. These parents are just so hardworking.

    Well, I'm really not sure if giraffes are her favs. She does have a thing for Ah Meng though, coz she kept tugging at the stuffed toy and even stopped to chat with his bronze statue.

  3. The soft toy worwus looks like a pony!!! hahaha!!! maybe Paul Frank will be her fav brand!U should get her some pjs from paul frank when you head the the States!

  4. her giraffe got a name ready for her!!!
    she is really pretty and is more feminine as compared to her profile pic:)

  5. Bren, I got her a froggie PJ the last time... I should go look for it and see if it fits now (",)
    Since she adores Ah Meng, i'm sure she'll appreciate Paul Frank's Julius.

    Miss Lee :)Ah... you're right, she can name the giraffe - Worwus. She looks more girlish now than before but way more playful than before too.


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