Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where's MX's toys

I knew that Kimmie would try to snoop off with MX's toys. So, before MX was born, I got rid of all of Kim's chew toys - hoping that she'll get used to not playing with toys.
Guess it didn't work.

This was Kim's toy - Mr Drayfeus the Reindeer and if u look close enough, you'll see Kim's westie toy on the right.

First it was MX's rubber duckie. Kim chewed on it till she pulled out the squeaky bit.

Kim is circling MX's playpen and eyeing the plastic balls.

MX's rattle ... when it went missing, i knew immediately that it's under the couch with Kim.

Then someone scurried off with MX's ellie-shoes.

The crazy monkey couldn't escape Kim either.

Kim's latest acquisition - SpongeBob.

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