Monday, August 9, 2010

MX loves naming objects

On days when I can't think of what to entertain the baby with, I'll get her to name things. Sometimes, it could be the pictures that are tagged on the walls at home, or what we come across during our daily walks. When I realised that MX picks up words at the snap of a finger, I went out and got her some flashcards to make it easier to find objects for naming.

MX @ 16 months

I especially love the way she says 'birdt', 'Kow' and 'BAbbit'


  1. she had a very violent reaction after saying 'frog'...
    I wonder if she had a bad experience with the frog prince :P

  2. ribbit ribbit ...
    on the contrary, i believe she is expressing a liking, coz she'll usually do the violent shake when she sees something she likes.
    usually, she'll place her palms on the floor when we show her the frog. we wonder why she takes the effort to do it till we realised that she was imitating the frog in the picture by placing her palms on the floor.


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