Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Hungry Caterpillar

As MX grows, the chances of me dressing her up slowly diminishes as well.  Very soon, she'll start dissing the outfits that I pick out.  I bought tickets for us to watch The Hungry Caterpillar puppet show and took the chance to dress her up with this caterpillar tee that I put together using felt and lots of blanket stitches :)

When she woke up from her nap and saw the tee, she frowned and turned to questioned me, "Why is the caterpillar like this?  Caterpillar is not supposed to be like this... It is eating the wrong food." ... nitpicking at every single detail.

MX rattled on and on, without showing any delight upon seeing the tee and it broke my heart.

However, when she finally pulled the top over her head, I could see the joy in her face. 
She reacted similarly when she saw the princess cake that I made for her.  She wasn't pleased when she saw it. Instead, she ran to the couch and started sobbing after seeing the princess cake.  Her reactions to these little surprises always takes me by surprise.  I'll try not to feel too disappointed in future. 

Here are some shots of her while waiting for the show to start ;) 

MX refused to pose for pictures with the puppets at the end of the show.  She told me matter of factly, "Mama, it is ok, they are just puppets.  It is not real.  No need to take pictures." 

In the end, I managed to capture this shot.  All thanks to the puppeteer who probably knew just how badly I wanted a picture of MX with the caterpillar.  

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