Monday, February 18, 2013

Japan IV - Yokohama Zoorasia Zoo

Other than seeing the Onsen Monkeys of Habuka, the trip to the Yokohama Zoo was my favourite. 
I was as excited as MX, checking out all the furries in the zoo.

Did not manage to get much nice shots of the animals coz I forgot to bring along my zoom lens.

Love this stretching pic of this lioness.  We even heard her roar and it was deafening!  Great base note :)

Hmmm... could MX's fondest memory of the zoo trip be this of the Glico ice cream treat that she and her cousins had?  I think it could just be.  Coz she keeps relating this "ice cream vending machine" tale to people who asked her what was it that she liked about Japan.  

Took some pics of the kids before we exited the zoo.  Look!  MX is levitating! 

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