Monday, February 3, 2014

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of my favourite places on earth.  It is huge and not as easy on the feet as the Yokohama Zoo that we visited in Japan.  My favourite part of the zoo is the petting area for kids.  When I was here a couple of years back, I remembered being totally thrilled being able to pet these fat goats and seeing a keeper walk a white Llama along the path.

This time round, I got to go to the petting area with MX and she was as thrilled as I was.  We went twice in fact.  Once when we got to the zoo and the second time before we left.

MX had been pestering Andrew for coins to make her own collector coin and finally Andrew had some coins to spare.

Look at how delighted she is!

Hey Llama, we meet again!

Isn't this donkey adorable??

This male teenage polar bear is really a snoozer.   He was sleeping when we saw him and started to rouse after awhile. 

He stood up and started to pee... the foamy white patch between his rear paws a puddle of pee.

After emptying his bear bladder, he went back to sleep... 

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