Friday, April 2, 2010

Min Xuan loves to point and shake hands

MX has been pointing for the longest time. Usually, i have no idea what she's pointing at. I figured she just loves doing it.
The other day, my parents took her out to enjoy a bus ride. I've no idea babies love that. So, this lady was exclaiming that MX has a huge paunch. My dad reacted by asking MX, "Where's your big fat stomach?" (Usually, MX will bring her hands to her belly.) Lo and behold, MX decided to point at the 'big fat stomach' of this guy who was sitting nearby. Everyone started laughing. I guess the guy with the paunch joined in to mask his embarrassment!

Another thing that MX fancies is shaking hands. She tends to look very grown up while doing it & she'll always burst out laughing after shaking someone's hands.

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