Friday, April 16, 2010

MX at the beach

At the start of the trip, MX was all curious and happy.

She doesn't seem to like the feel of sand between her little toes.

When the waves came, she got even more disturbed. When she sank lower into the sand, she started wailing and clambering onto Grandpa.

I'm probably mental, coz sometimes i enjoy looking at MX wail. Probably coz even when she does it, she's still cute (",)

The instant Grandpa picked her up and carried her to the pavilion, she had this very satisfied look.


  1. what is that black thingy around MX? -zuzu-

  2. She looks like she has stretch marks on her thighs in the pic under the tree!!! Wahahahahha!!! Join the club, lil' ms mx!!!

  3. I like the last pic: grandpa to the rescue and all smiles!

  4. The black thing is my belt. It allows me to walk upright instead of bending over and holding onto MX's hands when she walks. She can balance better this way too coz her hands are free. I hold on to it loosely and when she falls, i'll just tug it a little and keep her upright. I don't use the belt around her chest all the time. Only when we are outdoors and i'm afraid that she'll home, she walks around without it.


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