Saturday, January 28, 2012

HK Disneyland (3)

MX loves Winnie Ah Pooh (",) that's her special name for this Hunny Bear (",)


MX remembered which sticker Donald gave to her.

She scrambled off her bed the next morning and sieved through all the stickers that she had collected the day before and said, "People give to Donald Duck and Donald Duck give to me." and she proudly held up that sticker of Pluto.
PS: The people she was referring to were Donald Duck's assistants.

Modern day Snow White with a bottle of Cola (",)

Right after we walked away from the fireworks, MX fell asleep.
A tired but happy princess (",)

I loved every minute spent with MX in Disneyland..., watching her eyes fleet from one object to another, watching her smile and laugh and being uneasy with the attention that she got in her costume, looking at her sleep and waking up suddenly uttering gibberish, looking at my sleeping child gives me a sense of calmness & happiness (",)

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