Saturday, January 28, 2012

Princess Makeover @ Disneyland Hotel

MX arrived early at the studio to 'warm up' for her Princess makeover.
She was soOOoooo excited about it and her eyes just lit up whenever we spoke of the makeover.

Getting her hair and makeup done.
Hmmm... MX doesn't look too pleased here.
Is she stressed up? or just unhappy with how she looked?

After numerous failed attempts to get her to smile, I told the very patient crew that I will just pick a photo from the shots that they had taken.

Managed to catch Cinderalla and MX had a lil' chat with her about fashion.

MX didn't want lunch after the makeover. She just wanted a BIG CUP OF MILK and she headed to bed after that.
MX is always reaching out for something as she drinks her milk... what is it that she is touching?

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