Saturday, July 27, 2013

Princess & the Pea bed

Good news for me.  MX didn't get upset when she saw the Princess and the Pea bed that I made for her.  Phew! 

My strange kid, she doesn't know how to handle her emotions.  
Whenever I surprise her with a gift... a dress, shoes... or her princess cake, she ends up sulking and crying over it.  Makes me wonder if she is touched or upset.
To make myself feel better, I conclude that she just needs time to learn how to handle her emotions. 

MX chose Angelina the mouse to be her princess.  The mouse's legs are sticking out of the bed but MX seems to like it just the same.

Made her 8 mattresses to stack up high, just like in the story. 

MX folded her blue headband and made it into a pillow for Angelina.

Her other lil' animals get a treat on the mattresses as well. 

I love you, MX (",)

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